Terms and Conditions

Ministry of Tourism license

Terms and Conditions

1. The tenant must observe Islamic behavior and morals during his stay in the apartment, and not allow the residence of any other persons other than those accompanying him, while adhering to calmness and not disturbing others for the sake of public comfort.

2. The tenant is responsible for the entire property of the apartment and must maintain it. In the event of any property damage, he must pay the appropriate compensation decided by the administration. The tenant is not entitled to transfer the contract to another person.


3. Ensure that the air conditioning, lighting and electrical appliances are closed when the client leaves the apartment, in order to prevent the occurrence of dangers – God forbid – and he will be responsible for them.


4. The value of the call is paid immediately after its completion, provided that the apartment phone is not used for purposes contrary to behavior and morals, otherwise he will bear the responsibility in case of violation.


5. The rent during holidays and official holidays "seasons" differs from the rent for regular days and is agreed upon with the administration.


6. The check-out time is exactly (12) noon, and if he is late, 150 riyals will be charged for every hour.


7. Rental values ​​are paid in advance.


8. In the event of the tenant’s absence three days after the end of the contract, the management has the right to

9. The management is not responsible for the loss of the tenant’s valuables inside the apartment.

10. The tenant does not have the right to a refund of the rent in case of departure before the expiry of the contracted period.

11. In the event that the tenant wishes to renew the period or vacate the apartment, he must notify the administration of this before the expiry of the period with an appropriate period.

12. The contract is considered null and void in case of breach of one of the mentioned conditions and the official has the right to cancel the contract without giving reasons.

13. We ask the customer to lower the volume of the speaker, if any, and not to disturb the neighbors, and in case of violation, the reservation will be canceled and the customer bears responsibility before the competent authorities